In order to achieve RCJ vision, we focus on 5 key activities:

1. Policy advocacy activities

We will propose policies and solutions for medical care and quality of life improvement of rare cancer patients and families.

2. Promotion of cancer research and development of therapies

Together with rare cancers associations and related organizations, we promote the introduction of advanced medical care and contribute to the improvement of rare cancers medical outcomes and quality of life of patients and their families. We also actively promote patient participation in activities such as clinical research.

3. Promotion of information sharing

The active promoting information sharing required by families of rare cancers patients allows us to support individual patients who tend to be isolated when facing their diagnosis and treatment.

4. Collaboration with domestic and international patient groups

Through such collaboration, we exchange information on global standard therapy for rare cancers and clinical trials, learn from overseas success stories and seek activities to improve rare cancers care.

5. Patient gathering and information exchange

Exchanges among members, information sharing, seminars and questionnaire evaluation will allow us to grasp issues common to rare cancers patients and families.