Your chance to support the RCJ.

Rare Cancers Japan (RCJ) is kindly asking for your support through donations to continue the RCJ activities.

Currently we can accept the donation is through the “Japan Post Bank” account transfer.
For more details, please contact us via the inquiry form or email us at

Donation transfer place

From JP bank to JP bank
  • Code: 001608
  • Account number: 767785
  • Account name: 一般社団法人日本希少がん患者会ネットワーク
From other banks to JP bank
  • Bank name: Yucho bank
  • Bank number: 9900
  • Branch number: 019
  • Branch name: 019
  • Type of deposit: Checking Bank
  • Bank account number: 0767785
  • Account name: 一般社団法人日本希少がん患者会ネットワーク