Rare Cancers Japan (RCJ) was established

In August 2017, 11 groups of rare cancer patient groups gathered to launch the “Japan Rare Cancer Patient Network”, and the “Rare Cancers Japan (RCJ)” was established in February this year .

Our biggest vision is to “create a world without rare cancer and no one dies.”

Because there are few patients, we are working on improving the situation of rare cancers that are delayed due to improvement of medical treatment system, development of treatment regimen, basic research, and disclosure of information, and a society where rare cancer patients and families can live with dignity with dignity We will aim.

We have been doing patient association activities for many years, as a network of rare cancer patients’ association, accelerating the network of stakeholders of industry, government and academics, providing accurate information to patients and families, to international standard therapy We will also make efforts for policy proposal activities to realize these.